Best Spots for Prom Pictures in Toronto
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Toronto Waterfront Prom Pictures
Toronto Waterfront Prom Pictures
Best Spots To Take Graduation/Prom Pictures In Toronto
If you live and school in the Toronto area, then you know how important it is to have the perfect location for your graduation pictures. Everyone knows how significant prom is, it’s a rite of passage for every high schooler and you want to make it as memorable as possible in all the right ways so you’ll have a great experience to look back on when you’re older and reminiscing on that amazing prom night.
So if you are in Toronto and have your prom coming up soon and you want to be 100% prepared to make some magical memories that night and get the best pictures, rent a Party Bus Limo and head on down to some of these places to get the best insta worthy pictures.
On the water
Okay so you won’t exactly be walking on water in your photos but you’ll be doing the next best thing which is taking your prom pictures on a boat or ferry. Your pictures will definitely be unique and you'll have a stunning backdrop of you surrounded by water, now that’s cool. You’ll be able to rent a ferry or boat to take out onto the water for pictures and make it back in time for a quick bite with friends before getting your group gathering limousine and heading to prom night.

Who knows? Maybe you will have Justin Trudeau photo bomb your prom photo.

Evergreen Brickworks
There’s a historic kiln that used to produce bricks for construction in the old days which is now a go-to spot for picture taking and exhibitions, there are also many other picturesque sites you can take your prom pictures at like the winter village with banks of snow and tents which add a bit of a native feel to your pictures or posing next to some of the art on site and if you’re feeling adventurous, have your pictures taken as you glide around the skating rink.
The distillery district
If you’re looking for the perfect Victorian architecture backdrop with no need for studio lights then the distillery district is your best bet. The sun shines right through during the day and you’ll capture the best shots of an area with deep historical roots. There are arts and crafts and other innovations on full display which you can also pose next to. If you decide to choose this spot as the location for your graduation pictures you’ll have memories with one of the national historic sites located in Toronto.
Graffiti Alley
Graffiti art usually gets a bad rep in most circles where it is seen as defacing, however for Toronto locals, graffiti alley is a place that reflects their artistic talents. If you want to have great pops of color and art in the background of your pictures then you should definitely have your prom pictures taken here.

Taking prom/graduation pictures in iconic locations that will make the night even more special is an age-old tradition for many high schoolers. Years from now you will be able to look at these pictures, share them with your own families and remember the day with fondness.